A Scandinavian 1970s Villa Filled With Vintage Decor and Art

I love this house! I already posted a few photos on my instragram but it deserves to be posted here on the blog as well. This 1970s villa belongs to Camilla (@inasfina) who decorated this home in a perfect mixture of old and new.

Originally Camilla and her husband wanted a charming historic home with creaking floorboards, double doors and stained glass windows. When they couldn’t find their dream home, they decided to broaden their search and ended up buying a 1970s home just outside Nyköping city center. But even though they didn’t end up in a charming period house their interior style is full of charm.

Camilla describes her house and eclectic with a mix of new and old decor. Sustainability is important for Camilla, ideally the interior items she buys have to last a lifetime and she often buys from fleamarkets some of which she still owns from her first apartment. The end result is a personal home filled with charm and a perfect mixture of old and new.

The wooden dining table is handmade by Camilla & David, with vintage chairs around. On the side is an IKEA daybed with large round mirror to reflext the natural light

Green Little Dockekulla wallpaper in Camilla’s home office with vintage furniture

Pimpernell by William Morris wallpaper in the master bedroom

photography by Carina Olander

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