Nature Is Calling In IKEA’s Spring Collection 2021

There’s seems to be no Spring Catalog from IKEA this year but they have just released a new Spring Collection that will be out in stores in April 2021. The IKEA Spring Collection consists of products made in natural materials and with a timeless design.

In true Scandi style they used many light natural color tones but there are some nice color pops in a rug that’s handmade in India and made of 100% natural wool. More fun color pops are seen in the colorful quilt covers with geomtric patterns. Take a look at the IKEA Spring Collection 2021 below.

Made of bamboo and twisted paper cord, VOXLÖV is not only an environmentally friendly choice, but also a comfortable one.

With soft round edges and double storage the Borgeby coffee table is perfect for small spaces

The first IKEA bamboo kitchen front, FRÖJERED drawer fronts are a great sustainable choice. Made from responsibly sourced bamboo, these hard wearing fronts will last a lifetime.

Born into a family of hand-weavers, designer K.C Maura weaved his first rug at the age of 22, and ever since he has been exploring weaving techniques for both knotted and Punja flat-woven rugs. His design for TVINGSTRUP conveys a clear message: that water should be shared equally among the people of the earth.

“In this world everyone has created boundaries: between countries, between cities, between families and between beliefs. But there is one thing that cannot be confined or withheld – pure, unbiased water. No wall can stop it, no hand can hold it – no matter the boundary, it will always find its way through. It is meant to be shared.” K.C Maura / Designer

The inspiration for the new TRUBBNATE lamp was a lamp created by Danish designer Erik Østerby that first appeared in IKEA stores in the 1970s. After Erik’s passing, a member of his family found an example that had been made almost 40 years ago. It was in mint condition and even in its original flatpack. So, they sent it off to IKEA. When the IKEA Product Team received it they immediately realised it had timeless qualities.

Product Developer, Chaira Ripalti, describes her first impression: “I absolutely loved it! From a design perspective, it was simple but strong.” Inspired, they set about creating a lamp that captured the look and feel of the 1970s but used 21st century methods and materials. The result was TRUBBNATE.

These handmade cushion covers are made by the Indian social enterprise Rangsutra, which provides long-term livelihood for female artisans and gives you something unique to decorate your home with.

PIMPERNÖT is made of 80% cotton from more sustainable sources. The other 20% is a viscose blend which absorbs and draws away moisture. This means you’ll sleep soundly even on those hot summer nights.

IKEA’s own quillow! When in quilt mode, the FÄLTMAL is long enough to wrap your entire body in. There’s also a button fastener in the back, so it won’t fall down when you move. It’s perfect to use on a windy cool evening or to lounge in the backyard.

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