Best of 2019: Bathrooms

It’s the last week of the year, and the last week of the decade! So a good time to look at the most wonderful spaces of this year in my Best of 2019 series. Today I will share with you my favourite bathrooms of this year, of course the links to the original post are in the descriptions if these snippets aren’t enough for you and you want to see the entire home. Enjoy!

Bestof2019 Bathrooms TheNordroom Best of 2019: Bathrooms

Isn’t this lovely? Beautiful green tiles in this bathroom at the Soho Warehouse in Los Angeles that I posted on my instagram

Bestof2019 Bathrooms TheNordroom1 Best of 2019: Bathrooms

I love this bathroom in Jenna Lyon’s loft apartment. the marble, the vintage elements and the wooden floor Just stunning (photo: Simon Watson)

Bestof2019 Bathrooms TheNordroom2 Best of 2019: Bathrooms

Pink is always a good idea, especially in combination with a clawfoot tub and a wonderful fireplace. This bathroom can be found in Lumière Lodge (photo: Marnie Hawson)

Bestof2019 Bathrooms TheNordroom3 Best of 2019: Bathrooms
Bestof2019 Bathrooms TheNordroom4 Best of 2019: Bathrooms

Kerry Lockwood is one of my favourite people to follow on Instagram. Her interior style is just lovely and this year she renovated her bathroom and I love it (photo: Kerry Lockwood)

Bestof2019 Bathrooms TheNordroom5 Best of 2019: Bathrooms
Beautiful light bathroom design by Anita Yokota
Bestof2019 Bathrooms TheNordroom6 Best of 2019: Bathrooms
Look at those stunning tiles! Beautiful bathroom design at The Williamsburg Hotel (photo: @sweetmondayblog0
Bestof2019 Bathrooms TheNordroom7 Best of 2019: Bathrooms

Stunning bathroom with a freestanding bath and wooden floor in the home of Jessica Alba (photo: Stephen Kent Johnson)

Bestof2019 Bathrooms TheNordroom8 Best of 2019: Bathrooms
Bestof2019 Bathrooms TheNordroom9 Best of 2019: Bathrooms

Like I said before, pink is always a good idea! Love this bathroom in a romantic vintage apartment in Stockholm (photo: Johan Spinnell)

Bestof2019 Bathrooms TheNordroom10 Best of 2019: Bathrooms
Bestof2019 Bathrooms TheNordroom11 Best of 2019: Bathrooms
Bestof2019Bathrooms TheNordroom16 Best of 2019: Bathrooms

Light, marble, a fireplace and a freestanding tub. What’s not to love? Beautiful bathroom in the home of Athena Calderone (photo: Sarah Elliott)