Best of 2019: Kitchens

It’s the last week of the year, and the last week of the decade! So a good time to look at the most wonderful spaces of this year in my Best of 2019 series. Today I will share with you my favourite kitchens of this year, of course the links to the original post are in the descriptions if these snippets aren’t enough for you and you want to see the entire home. Enjoy!

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom Best of 2019: Kitchens
Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom1 Best of 2019: Kitchens

British kitchen company deVOL has made me happy with many beautiful kitchens this year (there are 3 of them in this list) and this one was much loved by me but also with you. A lovely blue and green kitchen in a Victorian rectory.

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom2 Best of 2019: Kitchens
Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom3 Best of 2019: Kitchens

EyeSwoon founder Athena Calderone has a beautiful Brooklyn home and her kitchen especially is an absolute dream (photo: Sarah Elliott)

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom4 Best of 2019: Kitchens

I love the atmosphere in this dark green Victorian-inspired kitchen of Lady and Pups founder Mandy Lee

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom5 Best of 2019: Kitchens
Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom6 Best of 2019: Kitchens

Those windows! The absolutely amazing kitchen in Jenna Wright’s vintage industrial barn home

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom7 Best of 2019: Kitchens
Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom8 Best of 2019: Kitchens

I love the color combination in this kitchen. The marsala and blue cabinets and the stunning herringbone floor are a dream combination (photo: Anders Bergstedt)

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom9 Best of 2019: Kitchens
Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom10 Best of 2019: Kitchens

Another beautiful kitchen from deVOL. A classic English kitchen in a manor house

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom11 Best of 2019: Kitchens

Light blue cabinets and lots of wood in the charming and warm home of actress Anne Hathaway (photo: Studio Shamshiri)

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom12 Best of 2019: Kitchens

Swedish interior designer Joanna Lavén designed the home where you will find this stunning kitchen (photo: Erik Lefvander)

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom13 Best of 2019: Kitchens

A simple black kitchen but the bench and the raw brick wall in this attic apartment kitchen make it very special (photo: MOHV)

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom14 Best of 2019: Kitchens

I’m in love with the green tiles in a herringbone pattern in this kitchen. With the black cabinets this green color tone really pops out. And open shelves are always lovely (photo: Bari J)

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom15 Best of 2019: Kitchens

Here’s deVOL again! You’ve probably seen this color a lot this year because mustard yellow is hot! (I even made a post about it, which you can read here). This ‘Real Shaker Kitchen’ which you can find in their New York showroom is absolutely stunning

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom16 Best of 2019: Kitchens

This kitchen in a townhouse on Mallorca is rather simple but the entire picture with the tiled floor and the open doors to the garden make it absolutely stunning (photo: Bjurfors)

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom17 Best of 2019: Kitchens

For me, pink in interior design is always a good idea. This kitchen in a Victorian home is not the only pink thing in this home, they even used pink concrete! (photo: Andrew Ogilvy)

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom18 Best of 2019: Kitchens

More dusty pink, this time in combination with black in an art-filled blue and pink apartment in Stockholm (photo: Jesper Florbrant)

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom19 Best of 2019: Kitchens
Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom20 Best of 2019: Kitchens

Sebastian Bergström a.k.a. Mosebacke has a beautiful tiny apartment in Stockholm that includes this tiny yellow kitchen. It might be small but it’s absolutely perfect (photo: Lina Östling)

Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom21 Best of 2019: Kitchens
Bestof2019 Kitchens TheNordroom22 Best of 2019: Kitchens

Oh that tiny window seat, isn’t it lovely? This is the beautiful kitchen of Emily Ward and Giovanni Ribisi in their Los Angeles home (photo: Trevor Tondro)