Best of 2020: Bathrooms

It’s that time of the year again to start looking back. 2020 has been a year that most people would like to forget for obvious reasons, but in these sad times it’s nice to surround yourself with beauty and that’s what I tried to do here on The Nordroom. We’ve spend more time at our homes that any other year so it makes sense that you want to make your home look beautiful. Here on The Nordroom I’ve tried to give you as much interior inspiration as I could, to inspire you for your own home (or your future dream home).

Next up in the Best of 2020 Series are bathrooms. Just because it’s probably the smallest room in the house and you might not spend a lot of time in it doesn’t mean it can’t be a stylish space as all these bathrooms will show you.

Ps: This year I also made a post about colorful bathrooms, you can see that post here. & if you want to see small bathroom design ideas, including tips to make a small bathroom look larger take a look here

Bestof2020 Bathrooms TheNordroom Best of 2020: Bathrooms

Gorgeous emerald tiles and marble sink in the home of model Kendall Jenner (photo: William Abranowicz)

Bestof2020 Bathrooms TheNordroom1 Best of 2020: Bathrooms

Very dramatic! Sea blue tiles combined with a black ceiling and black floor tiles in a monochrome Bay Area home (photo: Douglas Friedman)

Bestof2020 Bathrooms TheNordroom2 Best of 2020: Bathrooms

What a great vintage look with the green tiles and vintage furnishings in a small bathroom (photo: Helene Toresdotter)

Bestof2020 Bathrooms TheNordroom3 Best of 2020: Bathrooms

Wonderful tiles in the bathroom of the Spanish-style home of actor Rainn Wilson (photo: Douglas Friedman)

Not one but 2 wonderful bathrooms in a Spanish-style home in California (photos: Douglas Friedman)

Bestof2020 Bathrooms TheNordroom5 Best of 2020: Bathrooms

So serene! Calm color tones and natural materials in the bathroom of Mandy Lee’s Hong Kong apartment (photo: Mandy Lee)

Bestof2020 Bathrooms TheNordroom6 Best of 2020: Bathrooms

Now that’s a great bathtub! And the rest of the home is a colorful bohemian haven in Copenhagen (photo: Andrea Papini)

Absolutely love the moody vintage look in this bathroom at Ethelmont Rise Airbnb (photo: Marnie Hawson)

Bestof2020 Bathrooms TheNordroom8 Best of 2020: Bathrooms

Green walls, gorgeous floor tiles, a fireplace ánd a skywindow to look at the stars while lying in your bahttub. Perfect right? (photo: Adam Scott)