Cabin Fever: 10 Cozy Cabins for Escaping The World

I know cabins are used all year long. From summer days by the sea to Christmas holidays. But somehow if I think of a cabin I always picture it in a fall/winter style with cozy blankets and rugs and a woodburning fireplace.

So since fall is now well and truly on its way I thought I share with you my favourite cabins to get into that cozy mood.

A tiny winter cabin in the woods in Vermont | photos by Natasha Lawyer of Sugarhouse Homestead

The Nuns Room: A dark & dramatic cabin in Australia | photos by Sarah Andrews

A cabin with a view in Norway | photos by James Gardiner for The Scandinavian Home

A library cabin in the woods in New York State designed by Studio Padron | photos by Jason Koxvold

I’ll admit that this isn’t really a cabin but a 3D rendering but it truly gives all the cabin vibes | design by Fernando Morrisoniesko

This is how you picture a cabin isn’t it? Not just wood furnishings and floors but also wooden walls. How cozy! | photos by Jonas Gustavsson

A cabin treehouse designed by Peter Bahouth. You can rent this amazing home in Atlanta on Airbnb | photos by Lindsay Appel for My Cool Shed by Jane Field-Lewis

A teeny tiny cabin in Portland | photos by Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom

A rustic cabin on Lake Michigan by Mimi London | photos by David O. Marlow

This cabin in Finland might not have the traditional cabin look but it is stunning nontheless. Imagine lying here when the leaves are falling or to watch the sunset over the lake | photos by Arsi Ikäheimonen

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