A Corner Apartment with an Industrial Style Kitchen

The kitchen in this apartment looked very familiar to me, and when I was browsing through my archive, I saw that I had posted this apartment when it was listed for sale in 2020. At that time, it was the home of an artist with loads of artwork and an overall cool vibe.

The current owners have changed the decor of the home, but the kitchen is pretty much the same. Stainless steel cabinets are paired with simple white tiles that run all the way to the ceiling, and the industrial wall provides the room next to the kitchen with natural light.

The decor is now a little bit softer with ochre and peach tones and velvet textiles. However, the industrial elements in the kitchen and the steel doors in the bedroom give the home a cool vibe. If you want to compare, you can see the previous home tour by clicking here.

industrial kitchen with white tiles and inner window nordroom

The kitchen used to be double the size, but the previous owners turned the space into two rooms with a handmade glass wall by blacksmith Charles Thomas-Asplund as a divider.

stove with white tiles
kitchen breakfast table window
industrial glass wall

The kitchen cabinets are from IKEA and are paired with a custom-made stainless steel worktop.

industrial style kitchen with white tiles
view into industrial style kitchen nordroom
living room with ochre yellow rug

When we head into the living room we are introduced by warmer textiles and colors.

living room with wooden doors
ochre yellow rug
corner living room with large windows and ochre rug

The corner location and large windows mean that the living room is a very bright space. The pine floorboards are whitewashed and the historic fireplace adds a characteristic element to the room.

corner living room with dining table
dining table
white tiled fireplace
living room detail
living room white fireplace
light gray door detail
view into living room
home office with bookcases nordroom

The room next to the kitchen is now used as a home office. The walls are painted in ‘Summer Mauve’ from Auro.

home office with industrial window
view into bedroom
bedroom detail

The large bedroom was also divided into two rooms, divided by glass steel doors. The room that is now used as a master bedroom has a working fireplace.

industrial door bedroom
green wardrobes
gray door
hallway with wardrobes

styling by Clara Wedholm and photography by Kristina Petra for Fantastic Frank