Creative Headboard and Bedroom Styling Ideas

Every now and then I get a reader’s request about a certain design problem they’re facing. I am no interior stylist but over the years I’ve seen many inspiring homes and design ideas that I think I can help and give some suggestions.

This time I got a request for headboard ideas and styling tips for the space above the bed. So I’ve gathered some wonderful inspiring images that hopefully will help with designing your dream bedroom.

headboard bedroom styling nordroom Creative Headboard and Bedroom Styling Ideas

Wooden (DIY) Headboard

headboard bedroom styling nordroom8 Creative Headboard and Bedroom Styling Ideas

Leather Headboard

Wall to Wall Headboard

Not just a statement headboard but a statement wall, why not use the entire wall lenght if you’re creating a headboard, it looks sleek and it’s a nice eye-catcher for your bedroom. Plus you can use the ledge to display all your favourite art and have your books nearby.

Old Doors, Window & Screens

Don’t throw away those old doors and windows, you can use them again as statement headboards. It gives you bedroom a nice vintage vibe.

Get Creative with Pillows & Other Fabrics

A bedroom should be soft, so why only use pillow on the bed if you can also create an epic cushy headboard

Bookcases as Headboard

If you live in an area where it’s not uncommon to have an earthquake every now and then, this might not be the best option (ouch!) but for all the book lovers out there this might be your thing

How To Decorate Around Your Headboard


Plants always liven up a space and they’re good for the air in your home. You can make it as ‘jungalow’ as you want. The first image has a DIY palet headboard for attaching the plants, but you can make it more simple like the third picture.


A minimalistic approach is great to make the bedroom feel calm without it being boring. On the first picture they painted the shelf the same color as the wall to make it blend in even more. The other two are more Scandinavian approaches to bedroom styling with sleek frames and muted colors


Shelves are great for all the books and personal items you want close by if you’re in bed. And it can function as a nightstand if you’re small on space

Get Creative With Paint

If you don’t want to put anything on the wall you can create an eye-catching bedroom with just a lick of paint

Gallery Wall

Display your favourite art and photographs with a gallery wall in the bedroom. This is for the more maximalistic people out there

Large Art

You like art and photography but you don’t want a busy gallery wall in your bedroom then large pieces of art are the sollution.


If a gallery wall or large art piece isn’t enough for you then you can put a mural on your bedroom wall. And maybe it will make you dream about those Paris rooftops (image 3) or all the countries you can visit in this world 😉


Mirrors are great for small spaces or rooms without much natural light. It reflects the light and makes your bedroom appear larger (plus it looks really nice)

Did this inspire you to redecorate your bedroom? I’ve certainly found myself some nice ideas!