The Bohemian Home of Dusty Deco Founders on Mallorca

Have you ever been to Mallorca? I’ve been doing some holiday searching and I keep seeing these beautiful images of Mallorca that really makes me want to visit this island. I’ve never really been to Southern Europa (surprise, surpise I’m a lover of Scandinavian countries) but I’ve been itching to go!

Anyway Edin Memic Kjellvertz and Lina Kjellvertz – the founders of interior store Dusty Deco – decided for a more permanent stay and they exchanged their busy life in Stockholm for the calm island of Mallorca.

Together with their 2 children they are now renting this wonderful old home overlooking the Balearic Sea. They decorated their new home in perfect style for such an old (and not always perfect building).

With cozy textures, vintage finds and lots of art they created a perfect boho laid-back family home which goes so well with the lifestyle on Mallorca. I really love the vibe of this home and it only makes me want to go to Mallorca even more!!