Torel 1884: A Luxurious Boutique Hotel in Porto

I’m always on the lookout for new hotels that fullfill my design cravings. I’ve already featured a number of beautiful hotels on my blog such as the Shinola Hotel in Detroit, Casa Cook in Chania and I’ve recommended The Charlotte Square Hotel in my Edinburgh guide.

Today I found a gorgeous new hotel in Porto, Portugal. Torel 1884 is a luxurious boutique hotel in a historic building in the heart of Porto. The hotel consists of 12 deluxe rooms and suites and in an adjacent building there are 11 unique apartments.

The palace dates back to 1884 (hence the name) and the design by Nano Design is inspired by Portuguese explorers who visited Africa, America and Asia. You can see these inspirations in the hotel rooms, depending on the floor in the building the rooms either have an African, Asian or American theme.

See the pictures of this stunning hotel for yourself by scrolling down and maybe it will convince you to take a trip to sunny Portugal, I am certainly considering it. (ps: this post contains affiliate links)

photography by Luís Ferraz