Kendall Jenner’s Warm Los Angeles Home with a Teal Kitchen

I’ll be honest with you, I was really surprised when I saw the inside of Kendall Jenner’s Los Angeles home. I don’t know that much about her but her, but still her interior style surprised me (I expected far more glam). Kendall owns a typical Mediterranean-style home in Los Angeles and together with designers Kathleen & Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez did she create a home where she can unwind from her hectic life.

The home is decorated in a neutral color scheme with warm, organic textures, earthy tones and cozy furnishings. There are definitely color touches in her home though. Her kitchen is painted in a Benjamin Moore teal, she has green tiles in her bathroom and there’s is collection of colorful contemporary art in her home. These neutral tones with colorful art touches work really well together, it makes the home sophisticated but also a bit playful.