Maison de la Luz Luxury Hotel in New Orleans

Maison de la Luz is a new boutique hotel in New Orleans created by Atelier Ace that just oozes Southern charm & luxury. Together with studio Shamshiri did they design this 67-room hotel in a renovated building dating back to 1908.

Maison de la Luz doesn’t feel like your standard hotel but more like a cozy home with colorful design, artwork (the decorative paintings you see throughout the hotel are made by artist Nic Valle), books and plenty of cozy spaces to make you feel at home.

I absolutely love the look of Maison de la Luz, it’s luxurious and cozy with beautiful architectural details and custom made furniture. I’m sure that a stay here will truly be a unique experience.

Maison de la Luz is a distinctive new guest house from Atelier Ace. A place for reverie and proper Southern swoon, for prophetic visions or quiet inspiration, Maison de la Luz finds beauty in the curious and defines luxury as moving through the world with grace.

With 67 resplendent suites, private sanctuaries and bespoke concierge service, Maison de la Luz is a lighthouse for the senses, reverent of elegance, irreverent of convention and is marked by generosity of spirit.

photography by Stephen Kent Johnson