Unique Properties | The Dynamic ANNA Cabin

Become one with nature with the ANNA Cabin. ANNA is a dynamic wooden structure that can be adjusted to your living needs. From a cozy wooden cabin, sheltered against the elements, to an open house were you can enjoy the surrounding landscape.

This beautiful project started with the mother of designer Caspar Schols. She wanted a garden house were she could read & paint but also a space were she could receive friends and were they could also stay the night if needed. And all that had to be in a open space that’s in close connection to the garden. Caspar immediately saw opportunities and his main source of inspiration was how you layer clothing depending on which season you’re in. Casper made a platform of 4 meters wide and 6 meters long that can be extended into a home of 45sq. meter. Extending the cabin is easily down by hand because the walls stand on a rails, this way you can adust the cabin to your needs.

Imagine lying under the glass ceiling to the sound of rain or sleep outside underneath the stars. This cabin is perfect for everyone who loves to live simple and wants to be in close connection with nature.

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