A Combination of Styles in Stunning London Airbnb

I always have my standard websites when I’m searching for beautiful design and sometimes I also take a look at Airbnb. If you dive into the Airbnb website you can find real gems in terms of design homes, and today I’ve found another one.

This Airbnb home is located on a tree lined avenue in the Dalston area of London. The home is decorated in a mixture of styles with mid-century design pieces, modern steel framed doors and other vintage decor.

I love the dark blue hue on the walls in the living space, it immediately brings a warm cozy vibe to the home. The home still has original Victorian features such as the windows and I love the unfinished wooden look of the staircase.

It’s a lovely home where modern, classic and mid-century design is combined in a beautiful way. Do you want to see more beautiful Airbnb’s? Take a look at the Airbnb Tag on my blog.

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