A Light Basement Apartment in London with a Lovely Patio

Think of a basement apartment and you’re probably envisioning a dark, gloomy home. Well today I will show you a basement apartment that will change your view on them. The home is located in a Victorian townhouse on Richmond Road in London.

The apartment has been completely renovated and it now has a luxurious and light touch and because of the plants in the front and back of the home it hardly feels like you’re in London at all. Inside the wide wooden floorboards and white aesthetic give the home a serene but still cozy look. A lovely brick fireplace in the living room will add more warmth to the space. The large white kitchen opens up to the patio which is surrounded by greenery and has geometric tiles which gives it an almost Mediterranean vibe (and that in London).

So this home is the perfect example that basement flats don’t have to be dark and gloomy but instead it can be light, stylish and cozy. And this lovely home can be yours because it’s now up for sale at Aucoot.

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