A Scandinavian Apartment with Earthy Color Details

We’re in the midst of the fall season so it’s nice to see homes that incorporate some fall color tones in their home (read more about fall colors in your home). It is very subtle in this Swedish apartment but it does instantly add some warmth to the otherwise light-colored rooms.

Especially in the living room the warmer colors have been added with warm curtains but what really brings a warm and cozy vibe to this room is the large fluffy rug. A traditional Swedish fireplace really completes this cozy look (those Swedish fireplace really are to die for). The apartment has a large wooden kitchen made of oak wood by Danish brand Multiform that connects to the living room with double doors.

And not just the inside of the home is lovely because this apartment is also located on a courtyard with a beautiful terrace for outdoor dining.

styling by GreyDeco & photography by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem