Christmas Decor Inspiration From A Scandinavian Country Home

Are you ready for some Christmas inspiration? I can’t believe it’s already half november and we’re approaching the holiday season. What a strange year it has been and the holiday season will probably a bit unusual as well, but you can still decorate your home with lovely Christmas decor.

Anna Truelsen is an interior stylist and lives in a 20s country home in Sweden. She wanted to bring back the original charm of the home and in this she succeeded perfectly. Now she has decorated her home for Christmas and she loves to style with things from nature like fir and pine branches This also perfectly combines with her interior style of light floors, grey/green walls and dark wooden furniture. The Christmas tree is in the kitchen because for Anna the kitchen is the heart of the home, I can imagine she will be cooking and baking lots of delicious food for the festive season. Turn on the Christmas lights, light some candles and the lovely smell of pinetree. It’s already feels like Christmas.

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