A Small Apartment Decorated in Warm Earth Tones

It’s been a slightly slow week in terms of interior design but luckily I can end the week with a lovely apartment. I’m not sure if I should call this a studio apartment or not, it’s technically one space but it’s clearly divided with a large kitchen area painted in a warm earthy hue (Dijon Yellow by Jotun) and the grey (Form by Jotun Lady) sitting and bedroom have been seperated with an industrial glass wall to create the idea of seperate rooms without making the already small room even smaller.

The bedroom area has a small walk in closet to hide away clutter and there’s even a bookshelf above the doorframe to use all the space there is. Living small isn’t so hard as long as you design it in a clever and beautiful way.

styling by Hanna Rydman & photography by Fredric Boukari for Historiska Hem

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