A Tiny Pink Studio Apartment with Loft Bed and Walk in Closet

Last week I released a post on how to design a studio apartment and I can already add another perfect small space example. This lovely pink and white studio apartment is small (23sq. meter) but certainly makes up for it in style.

The studio apartment has been painted in a beautiful shade of pink which looks stunning in combination with the white floor and grey & sand decoration. Another nice (and very on trend) color detail are the mustard yellow dining chairs (I really love that color, you can see more mustard yellow design inspiration here).

And living in a studio apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a walk in closet, the loft bed opens up floorplace which is used as a closet in this apartment (but you can also use it as a seperate work area for example). Living small doesn’t sound so bad if your apartment looks like this.

photos via Alvhem Mäkleri

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  1. Wonderful styling and layout. I am curious…what is the exact color of the paint color? Do you have a color code or brand name/mix title? Thanks so much!

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