Blue Tones and Wood in a Swedish Summer House

Scandinavian know how to decorate their homes and when it comes to their summer houses it’s no different. Many Swedes have a little ‘stuga’ in the country to soak up the sun and be surrounded by nature in the warmer months.

Jemima and Peter bought this 19th-century summer house in the most southern region Skåne and they completely renovated it but with much care for the original details of the old home. When they bought it the little home consisted of many small rooms, but Jemima and Peter opened the space up only keeping the original wooden walls.

Now the home feels a lot more spacious and I love how you can look down from the top floor and still see the original wooden beams, such details add so much character to a home. They have decorated the place with a combination of vintage finds and typical Scandinavian design and their love for blue is definitely visible especially in the kitchen. It’s a nice color to add with the natural colors and materials you see in the home. I know this is technically a summer house but honestly I could live here permanently, it’s so lovely.