A Cozy Studio Apartment with a Yellow Kitchen

Living in a studio apartment means carefully considering how you want to use the space and what is most important to you. But even though your space is limited, you can often design it to suit your lifestyle.

In this cozy Swedish studio apartment, a large wooden table has been placed in the center of the room. The owner probably loves to host dinner parties, and you can also use the table to work from home.

The studio is painted in a soothing color palette of green, pink, and yellow. Pair these hues with a wooden floor, plants, and brown and dark pink textiles, and you will create an inviting and charming little home, as you can see here.

studio apartment with plants
large wooden table and plants studio

Sage green walls welcome you into a plant-filled tiny oasis in Sweden. The large wooden table has been placed in front of the large windows with a French balcony to create a light work or dinner space.

studio detail
studio apartment with gray walls nordroom

Turn your tiny home into a personal home by adding your favorite art to the walls and books on the shelves.

studio table detail
bed nook studio
bed nook with earth colored bedding

The studio has a small niche that is big enough for a small double bed. If you want to hide the sleeping area from the rest of the home, you could also add a curtain.

Dividing a studio apartment into several zones with a curtain is easy, affordable, and stylish. Look at these 52 Studio Apartments with a Curtain Room Divider for inspiration.

day bed studio apartment
studio apartment with purple rug

The large purple and black rug under the table adds a warm color accent to the room.

studio apartment with large table
colorful rug studio
yellow kitchen cabinets
light pink walls and yellow kitchen cabinets
kitchen with yellow cabinets and pink walls

The kitchen was renovated in recent years, and it is now a small pastel pink and yellow haven. The butter-yellow fronts are paired with midcentury handles and an oak worktop.

yellow kitchen with wooden worktop

Pair closed cabinets, open cabinets, and no upper cabinets in a small space if you want plenty of storage while also maintaining a spacious feeling.

yellow kitchen cabinets and pink walls
kitchen studio apartment

The studio apartment is for sale at Norban