IKEA Spring Collection 2020: Mindful Living and Close to Nature

A day when IKEA launches new products is always a good day for me. Today IKEA launched a beautiful new Spring Collection that will hit the stores in february. IKEA loves sustainability so it’ll come as no surprise that this collection is also big on that.

The IKEA Spring launch is about living a conscious and mindful lifestyle that is close to nature. Whether you are living in the countryside or the city, you can bring nature to the home with a bit of greenery and a wabi-sabi attitude. The items have a lovely combination of modern design with traditional and rustic elements and natural materials combined with fresh colorful touches. I’m a big fan of this new Spring Collection so scroll down to see all the latest IKEA items.

Ps: This isn’t the official IKEA Spring Catalog. Click here for the IKEA Spring Catalog 2020

Do you like the new collection? I’m certainly loving many products from the IKEA Spring Collection 2020. Can’t wait for it to be in stores (in february)