New IKEA Collection July 2024: Colorful and Bold

This summer, IKEA launches many new and exciting products for your home. The products in the new collection are affordable as always but also colorful, modern, and bold.

The new IKEA collection feels like a fashion show that gives you all the tools and the inspiration you need to refresh your home this summer. The collection features brand-new designs and old favorites that have been updated with new colors.

The collection is divided into four categories, each with its own style, whether you’re looking for romantic design, a natural look, or bold colors and patterns.

ikea new collection july 2024 nordroom New IKEA Collection July 2024: Colorful and Bold

Vitamin Pills for Your Home

You can refresh your home at a low cost. Small changes can make a big difference. The only thing that matters is that it fits your home and your budget. A new cushion cover might be all you need.

IKEA_IKEA PS 2014 ceiling lamp
IKEA_MALM blue bedframe
IKEA_KRYLBO blue chair

A bold, colorful version of the classic KRYLBO chair makes its debut this summer. Comfy, affordable, and wonderfully blue.

IKEA_IKEA PS 1995 clock

‘The IKEA PS 1995 clock has a shape that looks like an old Swedish Mora clock from the province of Dalarna or a guitar. I like the combination of convex and concave lines. The biggest challenge was in creating a soft, curvy body that still had a clear, graphic shape. The final result is like an icon for clocks, which also works as a practical storage space for small things. It’s very recognizable.’  Says designer Thomas Eriksson

IKEA_PLATTLUMMER cushion cover

The PLATTLUMMER cushion cover could be a new IKEA classic. It’s fun and colorful, and the price tag is low.


The beloved classic crib GULLIVER is now also available in green. Here, the child can sleep safely from day one until it is time for a “real” bed because you can move the bottom down and remove a long side.

It’s summer. Let your bedroom feel it, too  

The new bedroom products bring color, happy patterns, and affordable prices.


The irregular, hand-drawn lines on the SYRABLADMAL duvet cover create a vibrant, young feeling. It’s fresh and unexpected, married together.


The yellow KNARREVIK table looks great together with the new SYRABLADMAL bedlinen and the dotted RUNDKRASSIG cushion cover. Simple and low-key but quite striking together.

GANSJÖN is like an energy drink for your bathroom. The clean design and the strong color are all you need to inject fresh energy into your bathroom and your mornings. The GANSJÖN bathroom set in yellow stoneware will be a lively accent in your bathroom. The tray holds the toothbrush holder and soap pump in place but can also be used separately for jewelry, candles, or small accessories.

IKEA_NISSAFORS yellow rolling cabinet

Yellow is certainly a trending color right now. This summer, the NISSAFORS trolley comes in bright yellow. A big personality with a small price tag.

IKEA_VITARNA canopy bed

With the VITARNA canopy bed, designed by Ola Wihlborg and Eva Lilja Löwenhielm, you can create a cozy place for both sleep and relaxation. Adding curtains and lighting lets you design your little zone, even in a shared room.

IKEA_BUSKVICKER cushion cover

The cushion covers BUSKVICKER with a playful pattern inspired by the wild on the front and purple/green stripes on the back – turn the cushion over to change the look.  
The RULLBANA carpet has a playful chess pattern in off-white and yellow tones, creating a retro feeling. Varying pile heights add a layer of tactility and charm to this divinely soft rug. 

TJENA storage boxes

Come on in and smell the flowers

If happiness were a pattern, this would be it. The MURREVA cushion cover is an explosion of color and humor. It is easy to match with almost any other color and easy to love.

IKEA_MURREVA duvet cover
MURREVA duvet cover
IKEA_ MURREVA cushion cover
MURREVA cuhion cover
IKEA_ GURLI cushion cover new products july 2024 nordroom

The HATTÅSEN table is available in a beautiful pink shade; it makes the simple design really stand out.  


The SLATTUM bed frame has soft upholstery and a padded headboard that complements the stylish and simple lines. Easy to like – and easy to take home thanks to the whole frame coming in a single package.

The soft, colorful blanket SHUDGBRÄKEN with fringes keeps you warm on cold evenings, whether you’re cozying up on the sofa or need an extra layer of warmth when eating alfresco. Made from recycled polyester.


NÖDMAST is a light, battery-powered LED lamp that is easy to move from one place to another. It spreads a soft light that creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere in the room.
The FIRED Candlestick now comes in a beautiful purple shade. It provides atmospheric light and is a beautiful object in itself. It fits just as well in the window as on the table and is nice to use both alone and in pairs.

IKEA_TANEBRO sidetable

Meet the romantic side of IKEA

“The pattern for VILDPERSILJA curtains and cushion covers is one that had been simmering in my mind for a while. It’s inspired by the old houses that line the streets of Visby, Gotland, where I live, with charming walled gardens full of roses, fruit trees, hollyhocks, ivy, daisies, marigolds, figs, and walnut trees. Whether you want to add life and a splash of color to a neutral-toned space or make your urban flat cozier – this versatile pattern connects you to nature.” Says designer Emma Prowse

VILDPERSILJA curtain and cushion cover
STRANDLUMMER duvet cover

STRANDLUMMER duvet cover set with a vibrant floral pattern designed by Emma Prowse. Made from slub cotton with uneven fibers woven into the fabric to add texture and create a relaxed and casual feel. 


Style your bed, sofa, or armchair with the SVINROT, dark green, jacquard woven cotton blanket adorned with a graphic pattern in off-white/grey and playful fringes. Perfect to match with the SKÅNEFIBBLA cushion cover.

See the Light with FRYKSÅS and SALNÖ

Made from natural, handwoven rattan that’s strong, durable, yet lightweight, too, the new FRYKSÅS series includes living room essentials and practical storage solutions, as well as unexpected pieces such as a desk and TV bench – so you can bring that warm, sunny feeling to any room.

IKEA_FRYKSAS collection
IKEA_FRYKSAS tv cabinet living room
IKEA_FRYKSAS cabinet new products july nordroom
IKEA_FRYKSAS wall shelves
IKEA_FRYKSAS wall shelf
IKEA_FRYKSAS tv cabinet
IKEA_FRYKSAS living room

“We want FRYKSÅS to bring warmth into a home – an appreciation of things that are well crafted, well built, and that will last a lifetime.” Says designer Kristin Pfannenschmidt


With the SALNÖ range, tradition meets the modern. The SALNÖ bench, with its gently curved shapes of hand-woven rattan, helps you welcome a piece of nature into your home. Convenient to take home, easy to assemble – and unique.  

IKEA_SALNO armchair

The new Ikea collection will be available online and in stores starting July 2024. You can see all the latest product news in this article.