A Renovated 18th Century Chateau in France

If you love beautiful homes and luxury real estate then surely you’re familiar with the Netflix series The Parisian Agency (or l’Agence). This real estate series follows the French Kretz family who run a real estate agency that focusses on luxury homes in Paris, France, and abroad.

One of their listings is this renovated 18th century chateau in the French countryside. The chateau is located just an hour and a half from Paris and stands on a parkland of 20ha. The French castle was built in white stone during the Regency period and the main building is organized around a large pavilion, 2 galleries and pavilions in symmetry with a total floorplan of approximately 2000m2.

The 30 room chateau features beautifully renovated rooms filled with historical elements. The castle also includes a Baroque chapel from the Louis XV period, a swimming pool, a hamlet with farmhouses, and a vegetable garden.

french chateau
renovated regency chateau in france
music room wooden walls sunlight
wooden music room with green seating

The music room features a pair of symmetrical fireplaces, Rocaille woodwork in waxed oak, and a parquet floor with radiating pattern.

living room renovated french chateau
blue dining room french chateau

The blue dining room features a sculpted stone eagle.

dining room with sculpted stone eagle
exposed brick and beams in a renovated chateau france
hallway with sunlight renovated chateau france
chateau hallway
wooden staircase french chateau
staircase renovated chateau france
chateau bedroom with terracotta wall paint nordroom

There are seven bedrooms with bathrooms in te main part of the house. The castle also includes a guest apartment in the North wing with a further four bedrooms.

terracotta wall color bedroom french chateau
renovated french chateau dressing room
bedroom french chateau fireplace
blue bedroom french chateau
chapel renovated chateau france
exterior renovated chateau france

The 18th century French chateau is listed for €5.250.000 at Kretz Family Real Estate. This honestly doesn’t dound like too much money for a renovated chateau not that far from Paris.

french chateau garden