Sunday Favourites #2

There are so many inspiring articles and beautful design features floating around on the internet that I simply can’t put it all in regular blog posts, so in Sunday Favourites I share everything with you that caught my eye this week. Happy sunday (& Happy Easter to everyone that celebrates this holiday).- top picture by Anthology Creatives

SundayFavourites TheNordroom 1 Sunday Favourites #2
SundayInspirationRamsayGardenEdinburgh TheNordroom Sunday Favourites #2
SundayInspirationRamsayGardenEdinburgh TheNordroom1 Sunday Favourites #2
  • Everyone who has ever been to Edinburgh knows the houses with the red stairs in Ramsay Garden. Now you can buy one of the flats on this picturesque cobbled street at Inigo. (ps: if you want to visit Edinburgh, take a look at my Edinburgh City Guide)
FayeToogoodxBirkenstock TheNordroom Sunday Favourites #2
FayeToogoodxBirkenstock TheNordroomsSundayFavourites Sunday Favourites #2
  • British designer Faye Toogood has teamed up with Birkenstock. Creating three new sandal styles ánd a stlyish bed made of cork, leather and canvas (TOOGOOD x Birkenstock)
GlasswritersstudiobyWTArchitecture TheNordroomsSundayFavouritess Sunday Favourites #2
GlasswritersstudiobyWTArchitecture TheNordroomsSundayFavouritess1 Sunday Favourites #2
  • Scottish firm WT Architecture have created a glass writer’s studio in the garden of a Victorian villa. #WFH doesn’t look so bad with a studio like this

te company nyc via manhattan sideways Sunday Favourites #2
te company via kimoy studios 4 1024x683 1 Sunday Favourites #2
  • I love tea, so it’s always nice to find a good tea store/café. Té company is a tea room run by Taiwanese tea connoisseur Elena Liao and her husband, Frederico Ribeiro in Greenwich Village (Remodelista)
willow la tiled table 2 Sunday Favourites #2
willow la tiled shelf 2 Sunday Favourites #2
  • I love these tiled tables and shelves made by Gretta Solie & Alex Culter. Their furniture line Willow grew out of a shared “love of tile and a desire to use it in unconventional ways.” (Remodelista)
  • Ramona Jones (also known as Monalogue on instagram) has written a book called Escape Into Cottagecore: ‘Embrace a more peaceful life with cottagecore – a soft, fairytale world that combines traditional comforts with a modern existence to create a sense of magic and retreat.’
  • One subject that I’m very passionate about even though I don’t share a lot about it here on my blog is mental health. Dr. Lucy Foulkes wrote a great article in The Guardian about how we (over)use certain mental health terms which have a negative effect on people with serious mental health problems.


Happy reading & enjoy your sunday!