Sunday Favourites #5

Hi everyone! It’s sunday and on sunday I share with you everything that caught my eye this week. Quite a bit of color (must be because spring is coming) and also some beautiful architecture.

I hope you have a lovely sunday 🙂

00 FEATURE chic window seats domino Sunday Favourites #5
  • Two colorful rooms. On the left the bathroom of Kate Spiers that I posted on my instagram this week and on the right a coral colored window seat designed by Chroma
SundayFavourites SteelCraftHouseinUtrecht TheNordroom Sunday Favourites #5
steel craft house by zecc architecten dezeen 2364 col 8 scaled 1 Sunday Favourites #5
steel craft house by zecc architecten dezeen 2364 col 2 scaled 1 Sunday Favourites #5
  • ZECC Architects have created a steel cladded house in Utrecht, The Netherlands in what used to be a garage space (Dezeen)
BaroqueFacadeDutchHouse TheNordroom Sunday Favourites #5
  • In a small village just north of Amsterdam stands this 18th-century blue painted house that used to be the home of the Attorney General of the little town. Later it has also been a French boarding school and a library. Right now it’s a home again and it has been put up for sale
HistoricHomeinAmsterdam TheNordroom Sunday Favourites #5
  • Amsterdam is filled with beautiful architecture and sometimes, tucked between larger apartment complexes, you’ll find another beauty like you see above. The charming home is now for sale in case you want to live here
Treehouse TheNordroom Sunday Favourites #5
  • Doesn’t this look special? A beautiful cabin among the trees, I would love to spend some time here.
  • Add a little color to your home with these vases, bowls and plates from Vaisselle. The items are designed by a French designer based in London but the products are handmade and hand-painted by family of artisans in Andalucia, Spain.