Sunday Favourites #9

If you read my weekly newsletter (sign up here) you’ve probably seen that I’m working on a second project at the moment, which is why I don’t always have time to create a Sunday Favourites. But this week I want to share with you some beautiful images that I’ve collected over the last weeks.

Enjoy your sunday!

Isn’t this just the most beautiful house? It’s located in Richmond, England and belongs to Gael and Francesco Boglione, you can read an interview with them on Inigo. (photo: Christ Horwood)

A calm bedroom with a stone wall in a stunning home on the Swedish island Gotland (photo: Emma Jönsson Dysell)

A lovely kitchen in the West Village townhouse of Alison Cayne

A lovely garden spot at a historic home in Sweden (styling: Copparstad & photo: Jockeono)

A beautiful home in France designed by Atelier Leymarie Gourdon

It’s a big hard no!! for me. But this transparant swimming pool in London, designed by architecture studio HAL is certainly spectacular (still not going in there though) – photo: Simon Kennedy

Warm summer vibes in “The Golden Hour” collection by Zara Home

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