The Light Bohemian Brownstone of Fashion Designer Ulla Johnson

Finding a 19th-century Brooklyn row house isn’t an easy task, there’s so much competition that it takes more than just putting in an offer. Fasion designer Ulla Johnson and her husband Zach Miner realised this when they wanted to buy a new family home in Fort Greene.

So when they stumbed across their perfect home they met the homeowners and hung out with their kids realising they had much in common (they’re still in touch!). Together with Elizabeth Roberts and Alexis Brown did they create a light, slightly boho family home that’s both elevated and elegant.

Many of the walls are finished in a blush-hued pearlescent plaster, and the hearths feature colorful marble inlays inspired by Italian mosaics. In the kitchen the rose marble island is a real showstopper and together with the surfboard-inspired dining table it’s a perfect place for entertaining.

I love the light boho vibe in this home. The home is modern and elegant but with just the right touches to the history of the home.

styling by Martin Bourne & photography by Floto+Warner

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