Cozy Vintage Style in a Swedish 1920s Apartment

A warm welcome to this charming 1920s apartment in the Swedish city of Stockholm. The beautiful historic apartment has recently been renovated and turned into a warm and social home in the city.

The earthy color scheme and warm material choices, like the dark oak kitchen, create a cozy ambiance, which is enhanced by the vintage furniture pieces and charming William Morris wallpaper.

The living space has been opened up to create a large social floorplan with a seating area and an open kitchen. Light floods into the room thanks to the windows with mouth-blown glass that refracts the sun’s rays in a beautiful way. 

gray vintage living room
vintage style living room with gray limewash walls nordroom

The living room has warm gray lime-matted walls and the joinery is painted in a deep gray color.

dark wood cabinet detail
vintage style living room

Subtle color accents have been added thanks to the vintage yellow chairs and the deep red rug. The power of red as an accent color is explained in ‘The Unexpected Red Theory.’ You can read more about that in our blog post.

vintage ochre yellow chairs
warm vintage style sitting room
gray living room walls niche with shelves nordroom

The small niche has been fitted with dark wooden bookshelves. You can also turn a niche like this into a small home office, though this apartment has a spacious hall that also serves as a workspace.

open plan sitting room and kitchen
gray limewash walls open plan living room kitchen nordroom

The open floorplan lends itself to dinner parties with friends and family.

open plan living room kitchen gray limewash walls nordroom
round wooden dining table
kitchen with dark oak cabinets and a round dining table nordroom

The kitchen has been built on site after a design by Ateljé Blé Noir on Färingsö. The dark solid oak cabinets cabinets add a warm touch to the space.

dark oak kitchen cabinets
dark oak kitchen cabinets with white tiles nordroom

The dark oak kitchen cabinets are paired with a dark gray claystone worktop and white half-jointed tiles.

hallway william morris wallpaper home office nordroom

The spacious hallway is turned into a home office with a cork desk. The walls are decorated with a pink William Morris wallpaper called ‘Indian’ and dark blue joinery.

hallway with coat storage and william morris wallpaper
bedroom with blue chalk matted wall paint nordroom
bedroom with blue walls

The bedroom is painted in a natural blue chalk-matted color, which is lined with panels painted in a light gray color.

cane headboard with blue walls nordroom

The cane headboard adds a vintage vibe to the room.

bedroom blue chalk matted walls nordroom
bathroom with light brown paneling and mosaic floor nordroom

The bathroom was renovated a couple of years ago and features a shower and hidden cupboards. It is designed in an English style with a classic English style sink and black and white mosaic floor.

bathroom with peach colored cabinets nordroom

Behind the light brown panels you can find plenty of storage space.

shower black and white tiles

The shower is tiled with classic black and white tiles and the ceiling as been painted in a soft pink shade.

toilet Cozy Vintage Style in a Swedish 1920s Apartment

styling by Copparstad and photography by Boukari for Historiska Hem