Whiskey Creek Cabin | A Cozy Airbnb Surrounded by Pine Trees

Who doesn’t love a cozy cabin? Especially in these strange times with Covid-19, a little hide-out in nature sounds like the perfect spot to spend a weekend (or longer, why not!). Whiskey Creek Cabin in a beautiful cozy cabin in Iydyllwild-Pine Cove in California. The cabin has the perfect location, it lies in a forest and is surrounded by beautiful high pine trees and hiking trails but there’s also a small town nearby.

You will be forigiven if you don’t take full advantage of the nature outside because the inside of Whiskey Creek Cabin is so cozy you never want to leave. A double height wooden living room with large fireplace is decorated in a perfect blend between mid-century modern and vintage decor. The cabin is packed with indoor activities, from board games to a large music collection (including a piano) and of course a tv to binge your favourite series. The cabin has two bedrooms, both with a en-suite bath and windows to overlook the nature surrounding the cabin.

Doesn’t this look like the perfect cozy cabin? And you can rent this beauty on Airbnb.

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