A Colorful London Home with De Gournay Wallpaper in Every Room

I know what you’re thinking! Surely not every room, but yes there really is De Gournay wallpaper in every room of this London home. Why? because the owner of the home is the daughter of De Gournay founder Claud Cecil Gurney.

Hannah was brought up with colorful hand-painted wallpaper so therefor it’s not that surprising that her home is filled with it, and let’s face it the wallpaper are absolutely stunning!

Together with her husband and 3 childred she lives in this Victorian home near Battersea Park. After an intense renovation she could start decorating her new family home and every room (apart from the library) started with a wallpaper from where she further decorated the room.

In the living room she put a de Gournay chinoiserie nodding to Coco Chanel’s Paris apartment. In the bathroom Hanna originally wanted marble but her father came with a brilliant (wallpaperish) idea: ‘Just put wallpaper inside, glaze it, and install a glass shower on top.’

The result is absolutely stunning. Scroll down to see all the pictures and to immerse yourself in color and wallpaper.

photography by Douglas Friedman

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