Earthy Tones in an Arizona Vacation Rental by The Joshua Tree House Team

Rich and Sara Combs, a husband-and-wife design duo, have made a name for themselves with their stunning vacation rentals in Joshua Tree.

Aside from the rentals they also are a digital brand and the writers of the ‘At Home in Joshua Tree’ book. Now they’ve moved away from Joshua Tree and created a beautiful vacation rental in Tucsan, Arizona.

The Agave Suite at Posada definitely has that Joshua Tree vibe with earthy tones and scenic views (the suite is located just outside the Saguaro National Park). The inside is designed warm and cozy and outside is simply spectacular with a canyon swimming pool, a fire pit lounge and beautiful sunsets can be viewed from the terrace.

You can rent this beautiful home in Airbnb here if you fancy a trip to Arizona!

photography by Rich & Sara Combs and Bethany Hauert

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