A Monochrome Victorian Townhouse in London

Behind a traditional Victorian facade on a London road lies a beautiful monochrome townhouse that has recently been remodeled by architect Michela Bertolini.

The townhouses is divided over five levels and include four bedrooms, a studio, generoud living spaces and a green garden.

The house is decorated in a monochrome color palette with mainly grays, black and white spaces. But it is certainly not a boring home because the rooms are packed with art, decor, and textiles creating cozy and stylish spaces.


A double reception room runs the length of the house. While the space is clearly divided into two seating areas it is open plan and therefore gets light from the windows in the front as the back of the house.


The bright room has a black floor which is combined with grays and white in the furnishing and decor. Large artworks line the walls and in here they also added a large mirror above the fireplace to create more light and it makes the room feel bigger.


The lower ground floor is a light room that not only houses the kitchen and dining room but also a studio space. Double doors lead to a sunken terrace in the garden.


Behind the curtain and shelving system lies the studio space. A curtain is a great way to divide a room. It still lets through light and it can be easily closed/opened to suit your needs.


The master bedroom is decorated in the same monochrome color palette as the living room downstairs. The walls are filled with art and opposite the bed is a fireplace.


Next to the master bedroom is the en suite bathroom with a marble bath that overlooks the green garden.


In total, the house has four bedrooms.


The second bathroom has a shower that runs the lenght of the room. It has polished limestone tiles, which continue on the sink and the worktop.


Attached to the kitchen and dining room is this sunken decked terrace. Steps lead to the rest of the garden where you will find more seating spaces.


The garden include a variety of plants and trees. There are two comfortable seating areas and a pond.


photography via The Modern House