A Serene Townhouse in The Netherlands with a Unique Artistic Ceiling

If you’re in need of some calm & serene interior inspiration than you’re in the right place. In the Dutch city of Rotterdam lies this beautiful townhouse with deep garden designed with the help of an interior designer.

The home is divided over three floors with large double height windows in the back to create light-filled spaces. On the ground floor is the kitchen and dining area, with a sleek kitchen that included built-in seating and a large dining table with doors leading to the garden, perfect for socializing! One flight up in a loft area is the sitting area with a view down to the dining area. The ceiling here is quite special, it’s a modern interpretation of historic painted ceilings.

In this home an artist has create a delicate floral pattern. Above are three bedrooms and a bathroom that feels like a mini spa. This home is beautifully designed with a luxurious and serene vibe.

photography by MAARTEN Makelaardij