Bold Colors in a Tiny Norwegian Apartment

Keeping it neutral when you’re living in a small space? Not according to Norwegian interior stylist Krista Elvheim. Her 38sq. meter apartment in Norway is an explosion of color and smart design features.

If you’re small on space you have to be creative with the room that you have and that’s certainly what Krista has done. Her living room sofa is modular ánd on wheels, so at night she can put the 2 sofa pieces together and turn it into a double bed (so smart!).

The beautiful industrial doors seperate the living/sleeping space from the kitchen but because it’s just steel and glass you make it feel more spacious and you don’t lose natural light.

But what I love most are the bold colors she used, the bluegreen hue with pink details and green kitchen tiles is such a bold statement, especially in a small space but it totally works!

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