Liane Tulum: A Beautiful Studio Apartment Airbnb in Mexico

This isn’t the first project I’ve shared by Terreo Studio but I can’t help it, because their apartments in Tulum, Mexico are simply beautiful. Today I want to share this natural studio apartment in Tulum by Terreo Studio.

The natural look is the signature style for Terreo Studio, a wooden ceiling brings so much warmth to the space which is otherwise mainly grey. The studio apartment has a sitting area with built-in benches and a rustic wooden table.

The double bed is comfortable with plenty of pillows and blue/grey color touches. The industrial glass walls look out over the small walled garden with a large swimming pool. It’s a beautiful place to stay if you ever find yourself in Tulum.

If you want to stay here, you can! Because this studio apartment in Tulum in for rent on Airbnb

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