Plants and Colorful Art in a Manhattan Brownstone Apartment

Not many people living in New York have the fortune of a view of nature but artist Alina Fassakhova and her partner stuck gold with this 1-bedroom apartment overlooking Central Park and the Hudson River. Located in a brownstone in Manhattan the apartment is only 400sq. foot but they have designed in so wonderfully that you honestly don’t need more space.

Because the apartment can also be quite dark in the winter you can see many mirrors in the apartment, to most spectacular one in the living room above the fireplace. The grey walls are a neutral base for the many colorful art pieces in the home and the plants add that extra greenery and life to the apartment. The apartment even has a balcony overlooking Central Park. I’ve never imagined myself living in a city like New York but with an apartment like this it certainly looks tempting.

photography by Lindsey Swedick

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