Rufus Wainwright’s Colorful Laurel Canyon Home

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright is selling his Laurel Canyon cottage home. Wainwright and his husband, Jörn Weisbrodt, bought this storybook cottage in Los Angeles almost a decade ago, and now they are putting their family home up for sale.

The charming house was built in 1926 and is filled with rock star history and original elements. The house features wood-beamed cathedral ceilings, stained glass windows, a mantled fireplace, an octagon-shaped library, lush greenery yards, and outdoor dining areas with balconies on every level of the house.

As for the interiors, it’s clear that Rufus and his husband love color and an eclectic style. The living room features a magnificent pink-painted ceiling. The dining room walls are yellow and lined with portraits, just like Wainwright mentions in his song ‘Poses’. And in the bathrooms, they opted for red color accents.


The pink-painted wood-beamed cathedral ceiling is the star of the living room space. Paired with blue walls, a tiled fireplace, and pink sofas, this room is vibrant, warm, and inviting.


On Instagram, Rufus Wainwright said: ‘The time has come … Jorn and I are listing our gorgeous Laurel Canyon home. We have lived in this house since 2016. I wrote ‘Unfollow The Rules’ here including one of my favorite pieces “Peaceful Afternoon” …. we have had many of those here and I hope that the next tenants enjoy it as much as we did. Of course Viva, Siegfried, Jorn and I will stay in LA. We love living in this city and exploring a new area.’

floor to ceiling bookshelves library

The home library is created in an octagon-shaped room with purple walls and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.


The blue kitchen invites you to cook. The room has views of the garden, a beautiful stone floor, and a built-in breakfast nook.


The yellow dining room is exactly how Wainwright describes it in one of his songs. The diamond-paned picture windows are a beautiful feature in this room.

vintage desk window seating

Two out of four bathrooms feature red color accents. In this bathroom, vibrant red walls are paired with wood and light blue shower tiles.

kids bedroom bunk bed colorful rug

The spacious bedroom for daughter Viva features a bunk bed and sky-blue walls.

red shower tiles

Deep red tiles are used in one of the bathrooms. It gives the room a dramatic and vintage look.


The French Normandy-style L.A. home features several outdoor spaces on different levels.

rufus wainwright house los angeles nordroom Rufus Wainwright's Colorful Laurel Canyon Home

The house is listed with Dag Eliason and Alexandre Anu from The Agency.