A Scandinavian Studio Apartment with Bed Nook

If I had to chose one thing that Scandinavian excel at, than it’s designing small spaces. During my time as a blogger I have seen so many gorgeous Scandinavian studio apartments. That I can honestly say that our Nordic neighbours are the Kings of small spaces.

Today I can share another lovely studio apartment with you. The apartment is located in Gothenburg and it is styled by Livindeco.

This studio apartment has two big advantages. First of all that the living area has a bed nook. Making it easier to create a seperate sleeping area. Secondly the apartment has a seperate kitchen. And the kichen is also rather large, so no need to cram in a dining table in the main living space.


The main living area has a lovely wooden floor and the room is decorated with earhy color touches. The large pink rug adds warmth and color to the space.


You’re lucky to have a bed nook when you live in a studio apartment. This one is big enough for a double bed. The shelf above the bed adds storage.


The wall lamp is the Mantis S2 Wall designed by Bernard Schottlander for Lampe B. Schottlander. 


The studio apartment has a large seperate kitchen with plenty of room for a dining table. A soft green hue adds a natural touch to this room.


You can expect to see a lot of green in the upcoming year. Many paint brands have chosen a green hue as their Color of the Year 2022. Click here for a full list of the 2022 Color of the Years picks ánd the Color Trends for 2022.


The white l-shaped kitchen is simple but has everthing you need. I love the plants and open shelves.


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styling by Livindeco & photography by Jonas Berg for Stadshem