Casita Alborán: A Stylish Home in a Spanish Seaside Town

On Granada’s southwestern coast lies the seaside resort La Herradura. And in the old town of the village, Alex and Adrian bought and restored a beautiful home. Casita Alborán has a typical Mediterranean interior that uses natural materials and light colors to turn the spaces into a modern, rustic, calm home.     

Alex and Adrian worked with the architects of BEAM Estudios to create a sustainable home using mainly natural materials. The walls and ceilings are covered in lime plaster, allowing the walls to breathe, and on all three floors of the house lie handmade terracotta floor tiles.   

They added Moroccan-inspired elements and reused old materials in the bedrooms to add extra character to the home. The result is a stunning home that will make you feel right at home.


They installed built-in seating and furniture in the living room to create a clean Spanish look. The seating has underneath storage to keep the room tidy, and the high-quality, made-to-measure cushions create a comfortable seating area.


The pendant light above the dining table is made by local artists.


A unique feature in the living room is the Moroccan window grille from which you can see through to the indoor patio. Roof tiles from a neighbor’s old stable are used as shades that add a warm glow to the room and highlight the texture of the lime plaster on the walls.  


The kitchen at Casita Alborán is inspired by the Spanish island of Ibiza. The entire kitchen and doors are handmade and unique. As backsplash, they used green Arabesque shaped tiles that are handmade by a local artist. The natural green tone suits the serene home very well.


A porcelain Laminam surface with a marble look,  tops the kitchen cabinets.


Through the arch, you enter the indoor patio that is inspired by Moroccan courtyards. The floor in this room is made of pebbles from the beach, which is common in houses in this part of Spain.  


The first-floor landing is converted into a cozy reading and relaxing area. A daybed is created inside an arch to make a perfect reading or lounging snug.


The house has two bedrooms that share a balcony overlooking the village, the mountain, and the sea. The original balcony doors are now used for the built-in wardrobes and add character to the rooms.


After a trip to Morocco, Alex and Adrian knew they wanted to use marble-like Moroccan tadelakt in the bathroom. The entire surface was polished by hand to create a silky smooth surface that oozes luxury.   


One thing that makes this home stand out is the large roof terrace from which you have a view of the Spanish village, the sea, and the mountains. The built-in sun loungers are built in such a way that you can still see the sea when you’re lying down. And outdoor kitchen is the cherry on top of the cake.


Despite their love for this project. Alex and Adrian have decided to put this home in La Herradura up for sale so they can start renovating their new home in the same town. For more information on the home, you can visit the website.


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