Heather’s Colorful Eclectic Home in Scotland

We’re starting this week with a wonderful colorful eclectic home. I follow Heather on instagram (you can find her as @house_of_whimsy_and_whiskers) and her home never fails to inspire me.

Heather lives in the Scottish city of Aberdeen with her husband, son and 9(!) cats. And her Victorian home is decorated in a warm and comforting style.

Heather loves using warm and moody color tones. And she isn’t afraid to mix colors and styles. This makes her home personal, warm and wonderfully eclectic.

Let’s take a look at Heather’s Victorian home and hear from herself where she finds her inspiration!

purple living room victorian home nordroom Heather's Colorful Eclectic Home in Scotland

Hi Heather! Tell us a bit about yourself and your home

I’m Heather, our 3 bed Victorian terrace is home to my husband and I, our wild 4 year old and our 9 very pampered, high maintenance cats! We live in Aberdeen on the north east coast of Scotland, not much happens this far out in the sticks.

I used to run a cat café here, hence the high number of cats… I retired them all 3 years ago now so they live the life of luxury at home with us. I now work in Oil and Gas, not so exciting but it pays the bills.


I’ve always been a creative person, I studied fashion design at uni so interiors came naturally to me when we bought our first home. We are the definition of ‘slow renovators’, we’ve lived here for 7 years now and there are still areas we haven’t touched as of yet. We save up and renovate a room at a time when the budget allows.


How would you describe your home style?

I would say my style is pretty eclectic injected with a bit of whimsical fun and a sprinkling of cat hair on everything! I love dramatic, moody colours; I’m just so drawn to them but our house never feels dark.


I would choose organised clutter over minimalism, vibrant colours over neutrals, and antique finds over new items.


Where do you find inspiration?

Most of my ideas are sparked by colour. I will see a shade (be it from nature, textiles, a Pinterest board, clothing) and fall madly in love, I then tend to design the room around that.

It sometimes happens with antique furniture too, I will see a piece and its like an explosion in my mind of how a room will take shape around that item.


I love seeing my fellow Instagram home accounts but do try not to pick or copy specific ideas from there. Its all too easy to get drawn into trends that way and before you know it, your place is filled with H&M vases. I only ever buy items I genuinely love which will stand the test of time.


What are your 5 favourite interior Instagrammers?

Other than you of course (thank you! you can see The Nordroom’s instagram here)


Any tips/advice for decorating a home?

Fill your home with only colours and pieces you adore, without compromise. Don’t be scared of dark shades don’t neglect your ceilings of colour! If you have cats or kids, don’t leave them out of your décor decisions.


Be clever with design and custom build wherever possible to keep your home truly unique and practical to your family needs.


Take a look at these colorful eclectic homes:


What is your favourite room and why?

It would have to be my sons room, it’s the room I wish I had as a child! We custom build his wardrobes and created a platform den above his bed, it’s the best seat in the house.


We designed and built it all ourselves, the husband even hand weaved the net so I’m very proud of it! Followed closely by our living room, the shade is glorious and the huge bay window is a top feature of the whole house.


Do you have a dream interior project?

I actually took on my dream interior project years back when I opened my cat café. It was so much fun to do, creating a space fit for cats and customers alike.


Picture the dreamiest, cosiest of living room spaces with sofas, bean bags and swing chairs along side tables and clever designed cat furniture – such as our bookshelf/cat climbing frame, our vertical cat course built into the wall and huge trees installed with cat beds perched on branches.


I would love to take on a country estate renovation with landscaping too… maybe when we win the lottery!

Thank you so much Heather in sharing your home with us. Be sure to follow Heather (and the cats) on her instagram.