A Studio Apartment with Vintage Decor

I was reading an article lately about the differences between America and Europe. And one of the main things that was mentioned was that the houses in America are (on average) so much bigger.

Of course in large cities like New York, you will also find teeny tiny ‘shoebox’ apartments but overall the Americans have larger houses. In Sweden, you can find many studio apartments in the bigger cities. And these are not just used as pied-a-terres but also as the main residence.

I have posted many Swedish studio apartments over the years. As they have so many, it’not surprising that they know how to style them perfectly. And today, I want to share a lovely one room apartment with you that is decorated with vintage items.


The studio is located in an apartment complex in the southern city Malmö and it’s facing a cozy courtyard. The 29 square meter apartment, has high ceilings, a beautiful wooden floor, and a recently renovated kitchen.


The main room features a fireplace for a cozy atmosphere, a seating area with a vintage olive green sofa, and a bed in front of the windows.


Two large windows flood the room with light, which, in combination with the light colors, make the room feel larger.


One wall is reserved for storage. The closed drawers sotres all the smaller items which can easily make a room feel cluttered, while the open storage displays the owners clothes which also adds some texture to the space.


This studio apartment has a separate kitchen that was renovated using IKEA cabinets in 2021. The gray cabinet doors are combined with a wooden worktop and white walls. On the floor lies a claissc black and white checkerboard floor.


The small kitchen features a small vintage wooden table that can be extended if you’re hosting a dinner party.


The studio apartment is for sale at Bjurfors Malmö City