43 Ideas To Divide a Studio Apartment Into Multiple Rooms

With a room divider in a studio apartment, you turn a one-room apartment into a one-bedroom home. The best room divider for your studio apartment depends on my factors. You must look at your studio room’s layout, window placement, and size. And, of course, it also depends on personal style.

There is great variety in a studio room divider, from a permanent solution by building a half-high wall to a temporary arrangement with a foldable screen or a bookcase.

In this article, you will see 43 great ideas for dividing a studio apartment. No matter the size of your studio, style, or budget, you can find a room divider that suits your space.


43 Room Divider Ideas For a Studio Apartment

studio apartment green walls pink curtains surrounding the bed
photo: IKEA

1. A Curtain on the Side and the Foot of the Bed

Surrounding your bed with curtains is a simple and effective way of dividing a studio apartment and creating a separate bedroom. You can easily play with color if you use curtains, as they can easily be replaced with a curtain in a different shade or pattern.

photo: IKEA
photo: IKEA
photo: El Mueble

2. Curtains on the Sides of the Bed

Adding two curtains on either side of the bed can easily hide your bed from view. Choose sheer curtains if you want to let through light, or opt for thick blackout curtains if you want to create a snug bedroom.

studio apartment ikea billy bookcase room divider

3. A Closed Bookcase

If you want to create a separate bedroom and you need storage space, you can choose a bookcase as a room divider. As you often can’t paint walls in a rental apartment, you can paint the back of the bookcase or add colorful wallpaper. This way you can also implement color and personality into your one-room rental apartment.   

ikea kallax studio apartment room divider

4. An Open Bookcase

A studio apartment is small, and more often than not, there is only one window. Living in a home with plenty of natural light creates a happier and healthier home.

photo: IKEA

If you want to use a bookcase as a studio room divider, but you don’t want to block the natural light coming from the window, then you can choose an open bookcase. A popular bookcase that works great as a room divider is the IKEA Kallax.

photo: IKEA
ikea kallax open bookcase room divider studio apartment nordroom
photo: IKEA
ikea catalog 2021 nordroom82 43 Ideas To Divide a Studio Apartment Into Multiple Rooms
photo: IKEA

5. A Foldable Screen

A foldable screen is perfect as a room divider if you want to be flexible. The screen can be unfolded when you’re in need of a private corner in your apartment and it can be put aside if you want to leave the space open.

photo: Entrance Mäkleri
floral upholstered room divider studio anthropologie
Floral Upholstered Room Divider by Anthropolgie

You can choose a natural room divider made of rattan or wood. But you can also use the foldable screen for a touch of color and pattern. This foldable screen from Anthropologie is a beautiful example of that.

photo: Ellie Koleen

6. A Platform Bed

A subtle way of dividing a studio apartment is by using different floor heights. A platform bed is a simple way of creating a low and high area in your studio that also serves as a room divider.    

photo: Fantastic Frank
photo: Fastighetsbyran

7. An Industrial Glass Wall

Industrial glass walls are a popular choice for a room divider. The glass lets through light but is a clear divider between the living and bedroom areas. The industrial design of the partition wall also adds a great statement to your studio.

styling: Gärde and photo: Borgelin for Historiska Hem
photo: Alen Cordic for Bjurfors

8. A Half Wall

With simple building blocks, you can create a half-high partition wall. The benefit of a half-high wall is that it hides the bed from view but keeps the room open. Light can also flood through the entire room, so the space behind the wall won’t be too dark.   


Niches have been added to the dividing wall to provide bed storage.


9. A Platform Bed with Desk and Wardrobes

You can design a multifunctional block that helps divide the room while also creating much-needed storage and a work space.  Anne Rolland Architect, created this wooden block in a one-room Paris apartment. It’s a platform bed with underneath storage, desk, and wardrobe in one.

clothing rack room divider studio apartment nordroom
photo: IKEA

10. A Clothing Rack

Cheap, simple, and multifunctional. A clothing rack as a room divider has many benefits. You need to store our clothes so why not make the wardrobe a room divider as well. Place it behind or next to the bed to create a separate bed area.  

studio apartment clothing rack room divider nordroom
photo: Lundin
ikea catalog 2021 nordroom67 43 Ideas To Divide a Studio Apartment Into Multiple Rooms
photo: IKEA

You can also double up with a clothing rack and a sheer curtain that acts as a room divider.


11. A Custom Furniture Piece in the Center of the Room

If you are good at DIY and the room is big enough, you can design a multifunctional furniture piece that can serve as storage and as a room divider.  

photo: Apartment Therapy
photo: Innerstadsspecialisten

12. A Loft Bed

If you’re lucky to have high ceilings in your home. Then you can add a loft bed. A loft bed opens up a lot of space in your room that you can use for working, living, or dining.

photo: Louis Lemaire

A beautiful tiny house made of recycled materials has a loft bed with an exposed wooden ceiling.

studio apartment with loft bed and bookshelves nordroom
photo: Fantastic Frank
studio apartment view from loft bed nordroom
photo: Fantastic Frank
photo: Made by Bare

The Nigaloo Loft from Bare shows how you can combine a cozy living room with a loft bed in a very small space.

styling: Emma Fischer and photo: Alen Cordic

13. A Curtain Between the Sofa and the Bed

You can create a one-bedroom apartment with a simple curtain between the couch and the bed. The great thing about a curtain is that you can also open it up if you prefer a more open style in your home.


14. Place the Sofa in the Center of the Room

If you place the couch in the center of the room, the back of the sofa will act as a room divider. It’s a simple way of dividing a room. Thanks to this sofa placement, you won’t see the bedroom area in the living space.    

ikea catalog 2021 nordroom77 43 Ideas To Divide a Studio Apartment Into Multiple Rooms
photo: IKEA

15. Plants

Plants make people happy and are proven to be a positive element in a home. Bigger plants can also be used as a natural room divider when standing on the floor. But you can also hang plants on a clothing rack for a natural room divider.

ikea studio apartment clothing rack with plants nordroom
dorm room clothing rack room divider idea
photo: IKEA
tiny blue studio apartment nordroom 43 Ideas To Divide a Studio Apartment Into Multiple Rooms
styling: Lindholm and photo: Johansson for Historiska Hem
tiny blue studio apartment nordroom2 43 Ideas To Divide a Studio Apartment Into Multiple Rooms
styling: Lindholm and photo: Johansson for Historiska Hem

16. Wooden Slats with Shelves

Wood adds warmth to a room, and in this blue studio apartment, they added a wood slatted wall with shelves attached to it.

photo: IKEA

17. Curtains Tied to the Bedframe

You can tie the curtains to the bedframe if you can’t add a curtain rail to the walls or ceiling.

18. Customized Plywood Boards

Plywood boards can be bought in every home store, and it can be used as a room divider. You can customize them any way you want: paint them, plaster them with wallpaper, or decorate them with posters and prints for a personal gallery wall.

19. A Clear Glass Wall

A clear glass wall is a minimalistic way of dividing a studio apartment.


20. Turn a Closet into a Bed Niche

Some older apartments have built-in closets. In this Swedish studio apartment, they turned the built-in wardrobes into a bed niche that can be hidden from view by closing the doors.

styling: Lindholm and photography by Ono for Historiska Hem

21. A Curtain and a Bookcase

Mix and match several room dividers. In this midcentury studio apartment, they created a bed nook by placing a curtain next to it and closing it off at the foot of the bed with a bookcase.

photo: Fantastic Frank

22. A Movable Loft Bed with a Lounge Space Surrounded by a Curtain

This solution is for DIY lovers. A combined loft bed and seating space have been created with one wooden frame. It has been placed on wheels so it can also be moved however suits your need. The structure can be closed off with a sheer curtain to create a more cozy space.  

photo: Stephan Julliard

23. Different Wall Colors

If you don’t want to place furniture in the middle of the room and keep a more open layout, you can create a subtle separation between the living room and bedroom using different wall colors. For example, you can paint the bedroom area a darker color to create a snug space that’s perfect for sleeping.

how to dvide a studio apartment nordroom 43 Ideas To Divide a Studio Apartment Into Multiple Rooms
how to design a studio apartment nordroom1 43 Ideas To Divide a Studio Apartment Into Multiple Rooms

24. A Bookcase at the Foot of the Bed

The great thing about the bookcase at the foot of the bed is the playful design. The bookcase has different heights and it is decorated with plants which adds a wonderful natural touch to the room.

photo: VT Wonen

25. A Custom Headboard and Desk

In a small room, you have to think about multifunctional furniture. Why not add a bookcase, headboard, and desk in one?

26. Sliding Doors

You can buy or make sliding doors that you can use as a room divider. Think about affordable closet doors from IKEA that you can use or make them yourself with wood from a DIY store.

photo: Genevieve Garruppo)
photo; IKEA

27. Curtains around the Bed and a Bookcase

Curtains and bookshelves are the most popular room dividers. So it makes sense to combine them and turn your studio room into a proper apartment.

etsy freestanding pegboard nordroom
Freestanding Pegboard Display by TexWoodBuilds

28. A Movable Pegboard

A pegboard wall can also be used as a room divider. By placing it on wheels, you can place it wherever suits you at any time. It can also be used as storage for small items and decorations. It’s a great piece to use as a hallway divider.

photo: Fastighetsbyrån

29. A Glass Wall And Curtain Combination

Combine a glass partition wall with a sheer curtain to have multiple options for dividing the studio room.

photo: Bjurfors

30. A Strategically Placed Rug

For really small rooms, or if you want to keep the open layout of the apartment, you can use a strategically placed rug as a room divider. It’s a simple but effective way of diving a room.  

photo: Bjurfors

31. A Steel Frame with a Curtain

A simple steel frame is combined with a pink curtain for a unique room divider.

photo: The Modern House

32. A Bookcase and Headboard in One

In the loft apartment of designer Ilse Crawford, designed by Vincent van Duysen, a bookcase also functions as a bed headboard. It separates the space, and you add storage.

photo: IKEA

You can also use the IKEA Platsa series if you want to combine a bed with a bookcase. tie

how to dvide a studio apartment nordroom4 43 Ideas To Divide a Studio Apartment Into Multiple Rooms
design: Sandy Wen

33. A Custom Made Bookcase with a Platform Bed

The owners of this studio turned their home into a one-bedroom apartment with a custom-made bookcase. The bedframe, bookcase, and dining bench were all created from the same wood for a harmonious look. The bed and bench also have underneath storage. An arched doorway and “window” keeps it open and light.

photo: Alvhem

34. A Loft Bed with a Half Wall

This pink studio apartment has a loft bed in combination with a half-high wall. Underneath the loft, a wardrobe has been created so the rest of the room doesn’t have o be cluttered up with wardrobes and cabinets.


35. DIY Cabinets and a Glass Wall at the Foot of the Bed

This room divider is created with painted IKEA Ivar cabinets and glass panes placed on top. The glass keeps it light and airy and the cabinets provide storage.  

photo: Melanie Rieders

36. An L Shaped Desk

The owners of this studio apartment placed an l shaped desk between the seating area and the bedroom.  

photo: IKEA

37. A Platsa Bedframe with a Closet

The IKEA Platsa series is a multifunctional furniture collection that is amazing for small spaces. In this studio, they added a platform Platsa bed with a wardrobe that also serves as a headboard and a room divider.

photo: Balázs Glódi

38. A Net Wall

This design studio apartment added a net wall between the living space and the bed. It’s minimal, but it still creates a nice separation between the living space and the bedroom.

photo: Max Rahubovskiy
styling: Lindholm and photo: Boukari for Historiska Hem

39. Wooden Slats with a Curtain

Wooden elements always add a warm natural touch to a room. In this studio apartment, wooden slats are combined with a curtain to divide the studio apartment. Even with the curtain open, you still have a division between the living room and bedroom, but it will also let through light. If you want more privacy, you can close the curtain.  


40. A Curtain Behind the Couch

Create a faux wall by adding a curtain behind the sofa to create a division between the living and the bedroom.  

design: Art Tryhubchak

41. A Floating Bookcase

With a floating bookcase, the room will feel more spacious as you leave room under and above the furniture piece.

photo: Erin Derby

42. A Curtain Behind and Next to the Sofa

Instead of creating two rooms, you can also create three rooms. In this home, they added two curtains: one behind the sofa to create a separate bedroom and one next to the sofa to hide the kitchen.  

photo: Chelsae Anne

43. A Canopy Bed with Fabric

A canopy bed can easily be turned into a separate bedroom with fabric or curtains.

I hope this article will help you turn your studio apartment into a one bedroom apartment. For more studio apartment inspiration, you can take a look at these articles: