A Tiny House Made of Recycled Wood

The home tour I will show you today combined two trends. First the desire to live smaller (though in some cases it’s thanks to lack of options). And second the desire to live in a more sustainable home.

This tiny house stands in the garden of a large family house in The Netherlands. The main house is mainly made of recycled wood. And when they decided to built a tiny house in the garden, they continued this sustainable design philosophy.

The tiny house is 35 square meter big (or small) and completely built of out recycled wood. On the roof lie solar panels that generates electricity for the main house and the tiny home.

The owners opted for a white color scheme to make the tiny home feel bigger. The corner sofa is bought on a Dutch second hand website. The shelves come from Frank Pouwer, who makes furniture out of recycled wood.

There is a nice contrast between the white painted panels and wooden structure. It also gives the home a little rustic vibe.

The tiny house has many purposes. It is used as a study, guest house, and as a place to meet up with friends.

The wood burning stove heats the house in the winter. The grey chest is one of many vintage finds.

The small kitchen under the stairs is made of IKEA cabinets.

The sleeping loft with twin beds is cozy, rustic, and light.

Take a look at these tiny houses: