Interior Design Trends 2022: Styles, Decor and Color

The new year is on its way and it’s time to start looking at the interior design trends 2022. With two rather difficult years behind us, it’s essential to create a home that we’re comfortable with. And the home decor trends of 2022 reflect that sentiment.

What are the interior design trends 2022?

Thome trends of 2022 are diverse. We see a love for nature in colors and decor. But also organic shapes in furnishings, And on the other hand we see vibrant interior details and unique designs.

In this post, you will find the interior trends 2022. And you will find out everything about the trending interior styles, home decor trends 2022, and the color trends for 2022.

(Small) Multifunctional Spaces

In the last few years we HAD to change our rooms to add a home office or a study/teaching space for the children. I expect that working from home will remain a fixture in our lives. But this isn’t the only reason for creating more multifunctional spaces.


This tiny house in The Netherlands is made of recycled wood. The house is decorated with thrift store finds. And on the roof lie solar panels (see the tour)

styling: Cleo Scheulderman; photo: Jeroen van der Spek

We are rethinking the way we live. It is less about how we think certain rooms should look. And more about how we feel in our homes and how we can create the most comfortable home that suits our own personal need.

With more one-person households than ever before, we also see more people living in smaller spaces. And this is also a conscious decision. We’re thinking more about the environment and small living often means more sustainable living.

design: New Frontier Design & photo: Studiobuell Photography

In a small home, you have to think multifunctional. Storage has to be found in unusual spaces, furniture has to be double duty and more conscious decisions are made about what to buy for your home.

You can find many small space ideas in The Nordroom’s post about how to design a studio apartment & home orginizing ideas by IKEA.

Add wallpaper in unexpected places

We all know that wallpaper is great on walls (as the name suggests). But you can add wallpaper in many other places. And this interior design trend 2022 adds fun and pattern to your home. I have seen wallpaper in cabinets, on the ceiling, and as a cover of a dull cabinet to make it blend into a room.

photo: Hackett Holland
photo: Corey Damen Jenkins
photo: Zoë Feldman

Sustainability in your home

Sustainability is a home decor trend we have seen for a couple of years. And in 2022 this design trend for more sustainability in our homes continues.


Upcycling means you take unwanted pieces and waste materials and turn this into a new product. With sustainability in mind, upcycling is an interior trend that we can all get behind.

Kitchen cabinets made of old floorboards (photo: Retrouvius)

You can find this trend also in popular chain stores. For example, IKEA uses many upcycled materials. Curtains are being made of PET bottles and waste fabrics are turned into new rugs and pillows.

Kitchen cabinets made of old school furniture (photo: Retrouvius)

Vintage & antique furniture and decor

Expect to see more vintage and antique furnishings and decor in the home decor trends for 2022. Shopping vintage is a great way to create a more sustainable home. Plus vintage and antique furnishings add a lot of character to your home interior.

Natural materials

One of the overall themes in the home decor trends for 2022 is nature. You can see that in the color trends 2022 and also in the way we decorate our homes (f.e. with plants). Furniture and decor in natural materials is an easy way to create a natural look in your home. Be sure to choose items where the materials are ethically sourced.

photo: Jenny Siegwart

Biophilic design

Biophilia is the human desire to connect with nature. And I expect to see this also in the interior design trends 2022. This connection with nature can be created in several ways.


The easiest way to bring nature inside is by adding plants to your home. There are many books which help you create an indoor plant oasis.

photo: @gracecottagehhi

Indoor/outdoor living

We’ve spend more time outdoors in the last couple of years and this love for the outdoors continues in our home life. I expect to see more indoor/outdoor living in 2022.


Large windows

I see more use of large windows in homes. And not just in the usual spaces like the living room and kitchen. But in the more forgotten rooms like a bathroom I also see more large windows and skylights.


Natural materials

As mentioned before, you can bring nature indoors by adding natural materials to your home. In 2022 I expect to see many terracotta floors, but also materials as cork are a great way to bring nature inside.

Find out how you can create a modern home style with terracotta floors.

photo: Petra Bindel
photo: Jenny Siegwart

Organic and round shapes

The love for nature in our homes doesn’t just end with colors and plants. But also the furnishings and decor get a natural look. Expect to see more organic and rounded home decor and furniture in 2022.

photo: Jenny Siegwart

Sofa’s with rounded edges, organic prints on decor and round and organic home decor pieces give your home a soft and natural look.

styling: Linnéa Salmén
styling: Linnéa Salmén
photo: VT Wonen
photo: James Stokes

Emerald green decor

Online store Etsy sees a sharp increase in searches for emerald green home decor. And Etsy even named it as their Color of the Year 2022. Emerald green is a vibrant darker green hue which add a colorful luxurious touch to your home.

photo: Posterstore

You can add emerald green to your home by painted the walls, but it is also great for tiles, (velvet) pillows and throws, bedding, glasswork, and art.

photo: Paweł Pęcherzewski

The 70s are back, but with a modern twist

Some people will shudder, thinking about 70s design. But in the 2022 interior design trends, we see 70s touches with a modern twist. Don’t expect that specific 70s orange color to make a comeback. But now the 70s trend is more focused on warm earthy tones. But the warm atmosphere, curved furnishings, and a mixture of patterns are something to look forward to in 2022.

design: Studio Hagen Hall, photo: Mariell Lind Hansen
design: Studio Hagen Hall, photo: Mariell Lind Hansen

Take a look at these 70s inspired homes: A colorful London townhouse with plants & a Californian 70s inspired home (2 images you can see above).

Statement Lamps

The lamp is taking the spotlight in our homes in 2022. Lamps aren’t just for lighting your home but they are a statement piece on their own. The lamp is now an artistic object, and the 2022 home decor trends sees lamps in unique and sculptural shapes.

Oyster Wall Lamp by Ferm Living is made of recycled aluminium

This trend is easily combined with the vintage/antique trend we are seeing in 2022. You will find many unique gems in vintage stores.

Home Decor Color Trends 2022

The 2022 home interior color trends are a nice mixture of shades that will suit every interior style. Whether you want to create a warm neutral home, a colorful neutral home, or a vibrant colorful home. The Color of the Year 2022 picks and their complimenting color palettes will create a wonderful colorful home.


Color as a neutral base

The majority of paint companies have chosen a natural shade as their color of the year 2022. With the exception of Pantone because Pantone’s Color of the Year 2022 “Very Peri” is a vibrant blue shade with violet undertone. But I still expect you can expect to see many (subtle) light blue and green shades in 2022.

And these blue and green colors work perfectly as a neutral colorful base for your home. Blue and green are versatile colors, that can be combined with many other shades. From other neutrals to vibrant colors.

See also: How to style Benjamin Moore Color of the Year October Mist

Warm neutral tones

Life has been uncertain and hectic in the last couple of years. And I don’t expect any changes in 2022. Therefor many gravitate towards creating a home that feels warm and has a calm look.

photo: Linum

Expect to see many warm neutral in interiors next year. With beige, browns and earthy tones creating this warm look in our 2022 homes.

Vibrant colorful rooms

But these sometimes gloomy moments in our lives also makes us crave color. And not just color but vibrant and cheerful color shades. The interior color forecast for 2022 shows bright color tones such as yellow and pink to create a cheerful look in our homes.

For the full Home Decor Color 2022 report, you can read the Home Decor Color Trends 2022 post by The Nordroom.

The 2022 interior design trends are building further on the trends of last year. Lots of attention to nature, sustainability and creating a warm comfortable home. Which of these home trends 2022 will you add to your home?

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