Beautiful Dark Feminine Bedroom Ideas For Every Style

Dark colors are often associated with masculine spaces while pastel shades are considered more feminine. But I want to show you that you can create a feminine bedroom using dark and moody color tones.

There is a growing trend in interior design for bolder paint colors and I celebrate the homes where white, gray, and very light pastels are a thing of the past. Go for bold, and start in the bedroom. It’s your private zone and a darker shade on the walls will transform your space.

These dark feminine bedroom ideas will inspire you to pick up a dark paint color and turn your bedroom into a cozy haven.

interior design by Isabelle Dahlin & photography by Virtually Here Studios

An antique wooden bed and leather club chairs are paired with dark green floral wallpaper and a floral throw. The combination of dark colors, cool leather chairs, and floral patterns turn this room in a 1920s Spanish style villa into a perfect example of dark feminine.

dark gray bedroom pink accents books nordroom
photo: The Nordroom

The Benefits of a Dark Bedroom

  • Dark Tones Create a Cozy Atmosphere. Dark paint colors make a room feel snug and intimate, which can help you relax and fall asleep faster.
  • Dark Colors Enhance Sleep Quality. Dark colors block light, which can help you sleep better, especially if you are sensitive to light.
  • Dark Colors Add Drama and Depth. Dark colors on the walls create depth and a luxurious look to your bedroom.
  • Dark Colors are Versatile: The great thing about dark colors is that you can combine them with almost any color on the color wheel. For a soft accent, pair them with pink. For an earthy look, pair them with terracotta.
dark green bedroom with terracotta accents nordroom
  • A Dark Bedroom Increases The Value of Your House. Did you know that certain paint colors will increase the value of your house? According to a Zillow study, a dark blue bedroom can add approximately $1,500 in value to your house.

Create the right balance between dark and light and add textiles to your room for a layered and warm look.

dark wood paneled bedroom with pink textiles and canopy bed nordroom

How To Create a Dark Feminine Bedroom

  • Create a color palette with complementary colors. Start by choosing a dark shade that suits your interior style. Classic hues like dark blue, emerald, purple, or gray will certainly form the right base for your dark feminine bedroom.
purple bedroom with wooden ceiling and large rug nordroom
aubergine bedroom with bay window and antique bed
  • Use Soft Textures. Lighter-colored accessories and textures add depth, warmth, and softness to the room. Velvet and silk add a soft and luxurious touch to your bedroom. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and create a layered look for extra coziness.
dark bedroom with velvet pink screen used as headboard nordroom
photo: ÅHLÈNS

In this dark feminine bedroom, a velvet, earthy pink folding screen is used as a headboard. Floral pink bedding and layered soft textiles complete the look.

  • Add Metallic Accessories. Metallics like brass or gold are the perfect match for dark colors. They add a touch of sophisticated glamour and a hint of shimmer. Add metallics in lighting, mirrors, wardrobe handles, or fittings.
  • Curved and Ornate Furniture. To create the optimal dark feminine bedroom, an antique bed with intricate woodwork and curved lines is a must. Look in your parent’s attic or visit vintage stores for dark wooden antique finds that add a romantic touch to your room.
dark feminine bedroom with antique bed and floral wallpaper nordroom
  • Florals. A floral pattern always adds a feminine look to a bedroom. Think about dark floral wallpaper, floral cushions, floral artwork, or (fake) flowers.    
bedroom with rose wallpaper
photo: IKEA
dark green rose wallpaper pink bedding bedroom nordroom
photo: IKEA
bedroom with dark floral wallpaper
photo: IKEA
dark feminine bedroom with floral art and fireplace nordroom
  • Lighting. Think carefully about your lighting to create a cozy vibe. A chandelier with soft lighting can be a great statement piece that can be supplemented with wall sconces, table lamps, and (electric) candles.
floral wallpaper and pink rug in a dark feminine bedroom nordroom
dark gray bedroom with pink textiles and bookshelves nordroom
tyling by Lingsell & photography by Ono for Historiska Hem

The light pink being and dark plum stool add a subtle feminine touch to the dark blue bedroom in a Scandinavian apartment.

styling by Copparstad and photography by Boukari for Historiska Hem

The bedroom in a Swedish country house is decorated with a dark floral wallpaper called Ava Dark Blue by Sandberg Wallpaper).

I hope these dark feminine bedroom ideas and tips will help you create a dream bedroom using dark colors.