A Townhouse on Mallorca Combines Historic Charm and Modern Design

This townhouse on Mallorca was built in 1903, during the most prosperous time of the Spanish island. And luckily many of the architectural features of that time are still visible in the house today.

It was up to the designers of Berrow Projects to redesign this historic home. Blending old architecture with modern design and make it ready for 21st-century living.

The home is decorated with natural materials and light colors. A minimalistic approach was used to the furnishings, letting the old architecture shine and creating a warm but serene home.


The hallway and kitchen is one big open space, divided by a large arched doorway. The staircase is a stunning architectural feature, so its not strange to make it visible from the kitchen.


The wooden kitchen with an island is simple in design but the high-quality materials make it a statement piece. A stone floor adds to the charm of the Mallorcan home, with wooden double doors that lead to the garden.


The large entrance with on the right the original door with burgundy transom glass that dates back to 1903.


On the first floor is a modest lounge with a built-in desk. Throughout the home you will see the exposed wooden beams on the ceiling, adding charm to every room.


The grand master bathroom has a freestanding bath and even a window seat where you can take in the Mallorcan scenery.


The sun-drenched garden sits tucked away from the Mallorcan town Soller. A large built-in seating area with dining table make this garden perfect for dinner parties.


The salt-water swimming pool is designed in an oval shape to mirror the main door with its original burgundy transom glass. The pool is heated year-round.


The garden by night is stunning, with the lighted pool and the built-in lounge area to the left.


What a sight! The beautiful townhouse by night, with on the right the entrance and wooden shutters which add charm to this historic house.