A Cozy Pied-à-Terre with Slanted Ceilings and Wallpaper

If you love layered textiles, muted colors, wallpaper, and cozy rooms, you should definitely keep on reading. Interior designer Heidi Caillier did it again when she designed this pied-à-terre in San Francisco.

Every room in this San Francisco apartment has slanted ceilings, which definitely complicated the design process. But Heidi managed to create beautiful and functional spaces despite the somewhat odd spaces.

Every home that Heidi designs is packed with a variety of patterns, textures, colors, and styles. And this lovely home is no different. From a pale green kitchen to deep purple bathroom tiles, this eclectic home is an absolute dream.


We start the home tour in the kitchen. With slanted ceilings on both sides, it’s a small and unusual room for a kitchen, but that was no problem for Heidi Caillier. The U-shaped kitchen has plenty of storage space, and she created built-in cabinets under the slanted ceiling on the right.


The tiles behind the stove have earthy red grouts, which compliments the terracotta floor in the kitchen. Also note the textured worktop in this kitchen, I’m not sure if I have ever seen something like this, but it adds so much to this room.


Heidi used light colors with a beige tone on the walls and light green for the kitchen cabinets. Contrasting to these cooler shades, she added a terracotta tiled floor, adding so much warmth to the room.


Next to the kitchen lies the dining room. A skylight floods the room with light, which means you can also add some darker furniture. I love the green cabinet with marble shelves and backsplash in this room.


The wallpaper in the dining room is called Gooseberry by Jean Monro.


An in-between room leading to the dining room is fitted with a built-in bench with warm purple cushions and storage underneath.


The architecture of the living room is amazing, with a high-pitched ceiling and exposed wooden beams. The color scheme in this room is muted with earthy red couches, an ochre yellow sofa, and brown shades in the decor.


As an interior blogger, I see many spaces, and sometimes a room immediately stands out, and that’s how I felt about this attic bedroom.

Where do I start? The room is painted in a natural gray shade, leaving many options for decor. Heidi paired it with muted brown and blue tones. But she went all in with the artwork, even hanging pieces on the slanted wall, which isn’t something I see often. It has a cozy window seat with a striped cushion to make the room even more perfect. Love it.


The master bathroom is certainly eye-catching with glossy purple tiles and an antique vanity topped with soapstone. The terracotta floor tiles keep it earthy.


The master bedroom is completely plastered with wallpaper, even on the ceiling. The colors from the wallpaper return in the fabrics used in this room.


The ochre yellow sofa is from Pierre Augustin Rose.


The wallpaper in the bedroom is called Wandle by William Morris.


The second bathroom is painted in a blush pink shade, and it has a fantastic solid marble sink by 1st Dibs.


photography by Haris Kenjar

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