A Pink Studio Apartment with Bookshelves

A short but sweet home tour on The Nordroom today. This lovely pink studio apartment is located in Sweden’s third city Malmö.

Though this is technically a studio apartment, it has a spacious hallway in which the current owners have placed their piano. So it’s a studio with a little extra room.

There are a couple of things that I love about this studio apartment. So even though it’s a short home tour I still wanted to share this lovely home with you.


The first thing that I love is the character of the home. You can sense it’s an old building, it has a wooden floor which dates back to the 30s and ceiling ornaments.


Secondly I love the wall of books in this studio home. A home filled with books is instantly better and I really like this wall of books. It also reminds me of another pink studio apartment which has been featured on The Nordroom.


And thirdly I love all the artwork in this studio apartment. The painting of Egon Schiele’s “Seated Woman with Bend Knee” is especially lovely.


The hallway is big enough for a workspace or as a music room which you can see here. The arched entry to the main room is also lovely.


photography via Bolaget