The Best Tile Color for a Small Bathroom

The right tile color in a small bathroom can make a huge difference in how spacious the bathroom will feel. And obviously you want a tile color that fits your interior style.

When you are renovating your bathroom you want to pick the right tiles. Both the tile design and the color of the tiles is an important step in your bathroom renovation.

But when you’re designing a small bathroom, this choice of tile color becomes even more important. You want your bathroom to feel fresh and as spacious as possible.

The go-to tile color for a small bathroom is of course white. White always makes a room look bigger and it also give a fresh look. But this post will show you that you can choose a large range of tile colors for your small bathroom. And you don’t have to be afraid to use a dark tile color in your tiny bathroom.

White tiles

White tiles are still the most popular tile color choice, especially for small bathrooms. A light tile color will make your tiny bathroom feel bigger and brighter.

Especially when you have little to no natural light coming into your bathroom, will a white tile be a classic and right choice.


This what I call a teeny tiny bathroom. But the white subway tiles give the bathroom a fresh look. (photo: Anders Bergstedt)


When you think white is a bit boring, you can bring some nature to your bathroom with plants. (photo: Abigail Green)


The subway tiles are put in vertical to add more lenght to the small bathroom. The light grey tiles on the floor add a little contrast (photo: Mark Zeidler)

If you don’t want to go for an all-white look in your small bathroom, you can opt for black and white floor tiles for a bit of contrast (you can also use a color for the floor tiles, which you will see later on in this post).

In these two bathrooms they only tiled the bathrooms halfway, so you can still add another color to your bathroom. Or go for a monochrome look as you can see in these two examples (photos: Tony Colangelo & houseofbeau13)

Grey tiles

When you wan’t a little bit more warmth to your bathroom, but you still want to use a neutral tile color, then you can chose a grey tile. Grey gives a bathroom a luxurious and still a light look.


Maybe you think grey is boring. But when you add some interesting design features you get a unique bathroom look. As you can see here with the ribbed glass wall an ribbed bathroom sink (design: Farlam & Chandler and photo: The Modern House)


Or chose interesting patterns in your grey tilework for a unique grey bathroom. (photo: Vasastansmäklarna)


Luxurious ligh grey tiles with brass fittings and wood to add warmth (photo: The Design Villa)


Glossy grey tiles (by Di Lorenzo) with a wooden cabinet equals a beautiful small bathroom (photo: The Stables)

Blue tiles

A small bathroom with blue tiles will work splendidly. You might think that you have to opt for a light blue tiles. But a dark blue will also look beautiful in a tiny bathroom.


This bathroom give a nature vibe. Not only because of the beautiful light blue tiles but also by that large window in the shower (photo: El Mueble)


Interior stylist & blogger Emily Henderson created this small blue bathroom. She used the Ogee Drop tiles in Crater Lake by Fireclay Tile (photo: Jess Isaac)


We go a bit darker with these blue tiles combined with grey floor tiles (photo:


And even darker with these blue tiles in Hotel Villa Ivy in Salzburg. When you go for a darker tile color in a small bathroom, then pcking a glossy tile can help in making it feel less dark (because the gloss reflects light)

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Pink tiles

Everything looks good in pink and that includes a bathroom. I feel as if a light pink shade is almost becoming a new neutral. And pink tiles give a cheerful, light and colorful look to a bathroom.


Vertical pink tiles make this small bathroom look higher than it is. And the floor tiles have a range of color from blue to pink giving a nice effect (photo: Three Birds Renovations)


When an all-pink bathroom is too much for you, then why not add pink floor tiles? And adding a nice geometric design to the tiles give the small room a fun look (photo: Stokperd)

Green tiles

Green is hot. You might have noticed it already, but the color green is absolutely trending right now. And that doesn’t end with the color of your walls. Green tiles will give your small bathroom a more natural look.


Jungalow’s Justina Blakeney added these blue/green tiles to her bathroom for a boho natural look. She used the Tidewater tile by Fireclay Tiles (photo: Justina Blakeney)


Green and pink tones in this small IKEA bathroom. What a fun look!


Green hexagon tiles combined with industrial steel framed door (photo: livforinteriors)

If you prefer your bathroom a bit moodier but still natural, you can opt for dark green tiles. As I mentioned above, its a good idea to chose a glossy tile when you go for dark in a small bathroom (photos: The Mozart Hotel, Pinterest & woodsintothewoods)


Black tiles

Yes, you can choose black tiles for a small bathroom. A dark color will give a rich look to a bathroom. But when you chose a dark tile color it is important that you pay good attention to the lighting.

As with the dark green tiles we’ve seen above, it is best to chose a glossy tile. You can see in the bathroom below that even though the tiles are black. The finish they used on these tiles reflect the natural light streaming into the bathroom.


Even though they used black tiles in this bathroom, it doesn’t feel dark at all. The light floor obviously helps, but also the fact that they didn’t tile this bathroom all the way to the ceiling. The white border adds a fresh and light touch to this tiny New York bathroom (design: Crystal Sinclair & photo: Sean Litchfield)


Another example of black and white in a tiny bathroom. The white tiles above bring enough light to this tiny room that you don’t have to be afraid of the black tiles (photo: Dan Doran)

Colorful floor tiles

When colorful wall tiles in a bathroom scares you, then you can always opt for a color touch on the floor. With white wall tiles your bathroom will look fresh, light but still colorful.


White subway tiles combined with pink & white floor tiles. The floor tiles add such a lively colorful touch to this tiny bathroom (photo: Chris Snook)


Another pink floor added to a small bathroom. The white walls adds enough lighness that you can go a bit bolder for the floor tiles (photo: Borden Interiors)

I hope this post inspired you to go for color in your small bathroom renovation. The tile color of your tiny bathroom can make a huge difference to how your bathroom looks. But whether you want light or dark tiles, when you have a small bathroom you can chose both!

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